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As your expert printers in cardiff we can help you to design your logo to be eye catching and engaging with your targeted market.  After all choosing the right colours for your logo and printed material is one of the key areas to ensure the success of your company, so why compromise on it!  It’s definitely an area worth investing in, as it is the first thing your customers will see of you and we all know how much first impressions count.

Colour is an under-valued tool when designing your logo.  It evokes feelings and emotions in each of us and can dictate our behaviour too – so you want your logo and branding to not only stand out, but to also speak to your audience and make them feel valued.  All colours come with a ‘meaning’ attached to them, for instance blue is usually thought of as a professional corporate colour and green is usually associated with the environment.  We use phrases like we ‘feel green with envy’, ‘see red’ or ‘feel blue’ to describe our emotions, so you can see how taking the time to choose the right colour to reflect your message is so important for your business.

It can be tempting to use several different colours, or even clashing colours, deliberately to make your branding stand out, but you should be very careful which ones to choose.  If you put red on a green background, for instance, then it can be incredibly difficult to read.  If you use too many colours then it can also look messy and childish and turn people away from your page rather than engaging with it.

Here at printingwales.com, expert printers cardiff, we aren’t saying that choosing the right colours for your branding is the only factor in your business becoming a success, but it is definitely a key part of it and a good looking design will help you to stand out in today’s competitive market.

So what are the best colours for marketing?  The below picture demonstrates some of the most recognisable companies and how their logo and colouring has been designed around the emotions the colour evokes.  Red is by far the most powerful colour to use and with most of the companies that use it you would be able to guess them, without even seeing their wording.  Such is the power of ‘owning’ the colour, just think of Coca-cola!  If you can achieve instant recognition from the colour alone then you have the colour working for you.

printers cardiffThe colour of your text is equally important.  You can match it to your branding or choose something to compliment it.  We will work with you to see what works for you and your company.  After all you don’t want any important information lost in a background, or unreadable on a coloured background.  It should be easy to read, stand out and be customer friendly.  We have many years of experience of working with our clients on their branding and we will make sure we design something that works for you.

As premier printers cardiff we are always conscious that your colours and branding need to work across all aspects of your marketing material too, including everything from your website, leaflets and business cards.

So for any help with designing, or redesigning your branding please get in touch on 02920 363600.