Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with a Company Brochure

Company Brochure

Printed Brochures are publications that include information about your company.

They are typically delivered by hand at events, meetings, networking events, and other gatherings; this distribution approach allows you to target people who you believe would be interested in your company.

Printed Brochures are cost effective since they are distributed by hand, and the personal touch of receiving something by hand (and seeing the people behind the business) means that customers already know something about your company before they even read the brochure.

A brochure is something that individuals can hold in their hands, keep, and pass on to others; it allows potential buyers to connect with the information they’ve gotten via the brochure rather than forgetting about it in the vastness of the internet.

Having a brochure physically in front of you offers the content inside much more meaning and grabs potential consumers’ attention more than an online advertisement.

Brochures are simple to obtain because all you have to do is pull it out of the drawer to re-read the content or pass it on to a friend, whereas an online advertisement can be tough to track down and locate.

We can produce company brochures in many different shapes and sizes, in the below example that we produced for Attic Gallery to promote their Winter Show for 2022, this was a 6 page A5 printed on a high quality 350gsm artboard.