How to use a flyer effectively to promote a business

Even though we live in a digital age, printed flyers are still an effective way of promoting your business. Flyer distribution is an easy task; it can be done relatively quickly at a low cost and has maximum effect.

It’s worth getting a bunch of flyers printed, maybe 500 or 1000 as it doesn’t cost too much and distributing them to people in your target market; you may be surprised at the response you get. From this information you will be able to gauge how worthwhile it is, and how many customers you can expect to gain interest from through this form of marketing.

Even the biggest companies often have flyering involved in their marketing strategy. The key is to sell the benefits of your product and focus on the customer and what they could potentially gain from your service. If you remember that a customer is interested in what they will get out of a product you can be more focused about what you put on the flyers.

A special offer or discount only available to people who have the flyer is a great way of getting potential customers to keep hold of the flyer and give your product a go. Giving it a time limit also enables you to get results faster so you can grab an audience. Things like ‘call now’, or ‘send an email before Friday’ are great lines to use.

Make sure your flyers are good quality. Flimsy homemade ones will give the customer the impression that your business is amateur or that you are someone who cuts costs and corners. Size, weight and thickness are all things to consider and will affect the quality people associate with you and your business. printingwales provide a great service; our flyers are of a high quality and can be ordered and dispatched within 48 hours.