How to Create Memorable Business Cards

Create Memorable Business Cards

Here are a few ideas for making your business cards memorable.

QR codes

QR codes on your business card could be a good way to lead people toward your online content. They just need to scan the code and they are instantly taken to your website or social media pages.


Help your clients stand head and shoulders above the competition with foiled embellishments. Your design will instantly become more memorable thanks to this impressive finishing choice.

UV Varnish

Our UV-varnished business cards can emphasise a certain area of your card and give it a really unique look.

Remember to check the back of your card.

Party on the back, business on the front, as they say. When creating the reverse of your business cards, be creative. A unique slogan, phrase, proverb, or other expression can bring a lot of personality to your writing. It can also help you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, having that slogan on your business card can make your own values come to life and possibly forge connections with others right away. Don’t forget to use colour!