Flyers & Leaflets for Events

Flyers & Leaflets for Events

Now that most events are back open, don’t forget the good ole trusty flyer or leaflet to promote your event or keep your visitors informed of what’s on when they arrive.

Flyers are one of the most versatile and effective marketing tools, especially for promoting events. Created properly, they can quickly communicate your message and persuade customers towards booking your event.

Even with the popularity of digital marketing, printed flyer marketing is still an effective way to increase sales. Below we list the top 6 advantages of using flyers and leaflets in your marketing.

Why use Printed Flyers

No. 1  – They are Affordable

Studies show that leaflet printing or flyer printing is more cost-effective than other channels of promotion. Take a look at the many low cost options we offer on our Flyer printing page.

No. 2 –  Fast Turnaround

Our flyers or Leaflets can be posted within 1 day of proof approval using the next day delivery service.

No. 3 – Great For Short Notice Events

Quickly gets your messages out there about your event or meeting.

No. 4 – Extends your Digital Marketing

Printed materials can support digital media. For example, a QR code can link to a webpage to get further information.

No. 5 –  Easy To Measure Flyer Statistics

QR codes, leaflet numbers, discount codes can make it a measurable type of marketing.

No. 6 – It’s a Physical Part of Your Brand

Your message can easily get lost in an inbox full of emails. When someone is given a physical copy such as a flyer, they are more likely to look at it and then keep it to hand.