Custom Canvas Printing Cardiff

Custom Canvas Printing Cardiff

Five things you need to know about Custom Canvas Printing Cardiff

Canvas prints can be a striking way of enhancing and personalising your home or office space. There are of course many attractive pre-existing designs out there, but did you know that it’s easy and affordable to create your own canvas prints?

Here are five other things you might not know about canvas printing:

You can put virtually anything you want on a canvas

A custom canvas print gives you the opportunity to create a great room piece out of anything you want. If you’re artistic then you might like to create canvases with scans of your own work to use as gifts or to offer for sale. On the other hand a canvas is a great way of displaying treasured family photographs prominently, or even just making some cool landscape pictures to brighten up your living room or office.

All it takes is a digital image file

All you need to do is supply us with the image or images that you’d like to use, and we’ll do the rest. There are a few technical elements that we won’t go into, but this basically involves printing your images onto canvas and stretching them over a frame that you can then hang on your wall.

Different size custom canvases are available

Provided you supply us with a high enough resolution image file, we can resize your picture as required and stretch it over a number of different sized frames. When displaying multiple canvases, using several different sized images on a single theme or motif is a popular choice.

Canvas prints can replicate the look of oil and acrylic paintings

If you can’t afford a piece by one of the great masters or even an original artwork by one of today’s popular artists, printing art onto canvas stretched over a frame can be a more than adequate substitute.

Printing on canvas is much more affordable than the alternatives

Canvas printing can be as much as half the price of similar acrylic options, and is often even cheaper than the more traditional method of printing an image on photo paper and then having it mounted into a potentially expensive frame.

At Printing Wales we offer versatile custom canvas printing services, so whether you want one canvas or a set, you can enhance your décor the way you want. Contact us to find out more.