Covid-19 Coronavirus Printing Support

Covid-19 Coronavirus Printing Support

The world has changed – that’s for sure! The way the world does business has changed to and we are here to offer Covid-19 Coronavirus Printing Support. In order to keep operating, the government is asking all UK businesses to meet new standards on issues like social distancing and hygiene protocols. If you need help in setting up a one way system or marking queues in your shop or business we can help.

Government Guidelines and where we can help


In workplaces and public spaces, every effort needs to be made to maintain 2m distancing between individuals. You might be limiting the number of people in your stores, creating one-way routes, or implementing new queue management systems. All of these will need clear signage to be communicated effectively.

Our print solutions: Floor stickers, display boards, banners, window vinyls


Social distancing helps reduce face-to-face infection rates but cross-contamination across surfaces is still a risk factor. Businesses are moving to collection/delivery services in order to reduce the number of people touching the same items – this will all need communicating with customers and price lists will need to be distributed. Some stores are also asking for contactless payments only and non-customer facing businesses will be implementing new, contactless processes in their workflows.

Our print solutions: Flyers and folded leaflets, letterheads, strut cards, posters


Where distancing cannot be achieved in essential work, such as at checkouts, the government recommends installing a physical barrier and wearing face visors. You might not think of this as a print item but the frames for these barriers can all be branded to your business to maintain a professional image.

Our print solutions: Sneeze guards, face visors

Please view our Coronavirus Printing products, but if there is anything you need not listed, please contact us as there are many things we can help you with.