5 Reasons to still use Compliment Slips in 2021

5 Reasons to still use Compliment Slips in 2021

Compliment slips used to be very popular and claimed their place as a standard part of any corporate stationery, alongside business cards and letterheads. Is your business still using them or have they become forgotten about? We present you with 5 reasons you should still be using compliment slips in 2021 and beyond.


Use compliment slips to help clients feel valued

Business interactions can be a bit cold in this digital world as most of our communication is now done through a screen. If you’re sending something to a client, use a compliment slip to add a handwritten note. A simple hello or thank you, written in your handwriting helps clients feel appreciated and can lead to stronger loyalty.

Reinforce your brand

A compliment slip printed with your logo and brand colours will reinforce your brand and ensure your contact details are visible in hand, should a client wish to contact you.

Offer an exclusive discount or offer

Making your clients feel and know their value to you will go a long way, if you have a discount to offer, why not put it in a handwritten note on a branded compliment slip. I know that would make me feel special and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to feel special?

A personal touch

If you are sending other business documents, such as contracts, invoices, catalogues to a client, then the inclusion of a hand-written compliment slip personalises the package. You can use it to ‘introduce’ the accompanying document and encourage feedback on, or enquiry about, its’ contents.

They are simply just handy

There are numerous situations where a compliments slip might come in handy. You might have run out of business cards, a compliment slip is a handy substitute. The versatility of a simple compliments slip means that if ever you are stuck for a piece of branded contact information you will always have something to hand.