Tips for creating Super Printed Flyers

printed flyers

The printed flyer is a great way to promote your business, services or event. A great deal of information can be handed to people in a very short moment in time. So if it is handing them out at a meeting, event or putting them through a letterbox – check out our top tips first!

  1. Use a forwarding number: If you move house/premises or you lose your mobile, consider an 0800 or 0845 number. You can simply forward the call to any number of your choice with one of these.
  2. Don’t use stock designs or even worse Microsoft Word – Your business should be unique! Stand out from the crowd! Have your flyer professionally designed, talk to us about our graphic design services.
  3. Use both sides of the printed flyer to make the most of your audience (same goes for all your other printed items where you can).
  4. Give them an offer they can’t refuse- 10% off, free gift or ‘money off with this flyer.’ – Make your flyer work for you. This could be using one simple theme, about how what you want to promote will benefit the reader.
  5. Keep your printed flyer simple. Too much information may confuse the receiver. TIP: Think about what you could put that would encourage a phone call / question. For example, instead of listing what you can do, try a catch all statement such as ‘for all your printing needs.’ This may encourage them to call and ask ‘do you do….’ Which even if you don’t, it could still lead to more opportunities.
  6. Promote your unique selling point (USP). For example, ours is that we are a low cost, friendly and easy to use printer. It needs to be something different that will make you stand out in the crowd of competition.
  7. Take time with the design (We can help you with this) – Spend money on it – make it stand out from other printed flyers, rather than just one that will blend in.
  8. Never use Comic Sans font – when flyer printing keep to only a few types of fonts at most.
  9. Plan what you will do with them before placing the order. Don’t order too few or too many. Talk with us about your ideas. A spider diagram could help you brainstorm more ideas to reach more people with the right design.
  10. Give the flyer a catchy title – this will determine how much attention will be given to it. You only have a brief moment to grab your audience.

P.S. Don’t forget to include your contact details and spell check the whole thing.