Re-inventing postcards Cardiff

postcards cardiff


postcards cardiffWhat do you think of when you hear postcards Cardiff? Images of very cheesy seaside scenes in days gone by would be most people’s first answer, but didn’t we all love to receive them? However things have moved on significantly since then and postcards are a fabulous new way to get your business seen in a competitive market.

We all love receiving postcards through our door, so why should your business be any different?  After all, in today’s age of social media and instant communication what is better than receiving something tangible through the post, something someone has put some thought and attention into.  They make the receiver feel valued and will get your company message across in a non-threatening way and with plenty of space to write what you need to.

If you can design your postcard in an eye-catching way then your customer may well pin it to the wall, or keep it on their desk, so your branding and company logo etc will be right under their nose for far longer than just the day it arrives on their desk or through their door. 

Postcards are now being used more and more by shrewd business people to get their business ‘out there’ and seen.  They can be as colourful and informative as you want them to be and are also very budget friendly. 

postcards cardiffOne of the best things about using a postcard is its versatility.  They make excellent choices for invitations, save the date cards, or vouchers and are the perfect size to fit through a letterbox, or keep in a handbag.

When designing your postcard you want to make sure it works for you and doesn’t look too much like an advert, after all how many of us throw away post that we perceive to be junk mail every single day.  You want your design to stand out and for your postcard to be punchy, colourful, even funny, to capture your audience’s attention and make them retain the card for future use.  Once you add your branding subtly to it then bingo your work is done!  Your design will really play a vital part here in getting you noticed,  you want to stand out from the rest.

Make sure you add details like your website and telephone number on there too, there’s nothing worse than if they love your work but can’t find you to follow up!

We can turn around postcards either digitally for a shorter run, or lithographically for a longer run and would recommend anything between a 250gsm stock right up to a 450gsm stock depending on usage and budget.  We can provide you with a wide range of finishes too, so if you have any queries or questions about postcards Cardiff, or anything else relating to printing cardiff then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 02920 363600

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