Promotional products

Promotional products

Promotional products are affordable items that can make your prospective customers and clients interested in your brand.  Branded products such as mugs and pens have uses in offices whilst benefiting many other areas of businesses to give long lasting and effective brand impression. The goal of promotional giveaways are to attract and appeal to customers and people are grateful for a free product and consumers really appreciate useful products that add value to their lives.

The benefits of promotional products

Promotional products is increasingly considered an integral part of the marketing and advertising process and has continued to grow as a viable marketing solution. From small local companies to global corporates, everyone is getting in on the action.

Put simply, a piece of promotional products is an item which has been custom branded by an organisation for distribution to employees, customers, potential customers or other third parties.

Popular promotional items include pens, pads, sticky notes and shopping bags and can range from the low cost, to higher cost luxury items and bespoke branded solutions.

Promotional products can be used for a variety of reasons, frequent uses include:

  • For employee use e.g. notepads and pens for use in meetings
  • As gifts for customers, suppliers, partners etc.
  • As prizes for competitions or giveaways
  • For distribution at exhibitions, industry trade shows and conferences
  • As free gifts with a product/service purchase

What are the key benefits of promotional products?

Lower barriers to entry

Promotional products can be a particular low cost advertising solution and is therefore often used by small to medium sized businesses as a marketing medium.

Paired with the benefits of bulk buying and simple online ordering, it is an attractive method of showcasing your brand at an affordable price.

Controlled consumption and distribution of your advertising

When it comes to the consumption and distribution of the products, you are essentially in control as to where, when and how it is consumed.

You can choose to giveaway the products over a short, medium or long term period and you also have a choice over how it is given away. As corporate gifts at Christmas? Everytime someone contacts you with an enquiry? As a competition prize? The decision is yours.

An endless choice of products

With promotional and branded products, the options really are endless. From simple everyday items such as pens, mouse mats and umbrellas to sourcing bespoke branded items – you can let your imagination run wild.

Broaden your horizons with new revenue streams For well-known brands, promotional products can actually generate a revenue stream of its own. Examples include Coca Cola, F1 and Marmite – all of which operate dedicated promotional products stores and profit from the venture.

Promotional ProductsEnhanced brand exposure

When you give away a promotional item, you are not only exposing your brand to the recipient, but also the people who they come into contact with. Of course, this is dependent upon the item, but if it’s an everyday product which colleagues etc. may see, this will further promote your brand to a wider audience.

Even better, is when you can encourage a recipient to get talking about the promotional item at will with their peers. This is where originality and memorability need to shine and your promotional offering needs to become a real talking point.

63% of senior marketers surveyed by the British Promotional products Association identified ‘brand awareness and rebranding’ as a key purpose of promotional products and it is evident that this is a key motivator to purchase.

Grow and generate new customer relationships

Giving away promotional goods can help your organisation to grow and generate new customer relationships. Rewarding a customer with a desirable branded product can help to make them feel valued and in turn, paint your company in a positive light and encourage repeat business and continued loyalty.

Promotional products can also help tempt new customers to join you e.g. a free gift just for joining a bank or opening a trade account etc.

The way you use promotional products to reward existing customers and attract new ones is up to you!

To summarise, the benefits of promotional products are far reaching and it continues to be a popular option for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Above all, it is a flexible method of promotion which can be built around your business. Why not give it a try?

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