Free Double Sided Printing on all our leaflets and flyers

double sided printing

As from May 2018 we are offering FREE double sided printing on our complete range of leaflets and flyers. You can still print single sided if thats all you need, but here are some thoughts on double sided printing

Saving money reducing leaflet printing costs, By doubling the space on which we can print your message we are halving the number of leaflets you need – in so doing halving your printing costs.

Get more content on your leaflets, The other benefit is we are also doubling the content so readers of your leaflets and flyers get twice as much to read.  More opportunity to reinforce your message.

Print leaflets on less paper – help the planet, Not to be underestimated, global production of paper and cardboard is over 400 million metric tons a year – that’s an awful lot of trees.  Rain forests once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface – that figure is now down to 6% and falling rapidly.  At this rate they could all be gone in less than 40 years.

Nearly two acres of rain forest are lost every second, that’s right, every second – and over 100 species of plant, animal and insect disappear every day.

Don’t be too hard on yourselves though – we still need paper, we just need to be careful with how much of it we consume, where we get it from, and boost recycling.  Thankfully a lot of progress is being made in all three areas.

Contact us today and discuss about how we can print amazing leaflets or flyers for you, while saving you money and saving the planet.  You’ll find as one of the most established Printers in Cardiff we many great ideas!