Electronic Form Design Cardiff

Electronic Form Design Cardiff

Electronic Form Design Cardiff

Are you looking to have your forms in a format to be emailed and searching for Electronic Form Design Cardiff ? We can create electronic forms (PDF Electronic Forms) for use in various business-related processes and applications. Although we are one of the biggest Printers in Cardiff and don’t really want to talk ourselves out of print work, we do understand the ease of use and reduction in cost of Electronic Forms.

Our electronic forms are true interactive fill-able documents that can be opened, filled-out, and submitted from just about any computer. Additionally, we are able to convert and prepare forms for use on today’s key mobile operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android, and Windows).

To date, our professional Electronic Form development services has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations – throughout the UK – converting paper-based processes to more efficient workflows. In doing so, these same businesses have experienced the immediate and direct benefits of electronic PDF forms. This includes saving time, money, and other valuable office resources (i.e. paper, toner, etc).

The Electronic Form Solution

Compared to an ordinary paper-based form systems, which are often cumbersome and costly to manage, our Electronic Form document solutions are specifically designed to create an easier, more efficient and cost-effective workflow while distributing, collecting, and processing everyday business forms.

In addition, our Electronic Forms are smart. They can dynamically adjust to accommodate different amounts of data (based on user input), automate calculations, run scripts, and can even be signed and submitted, electronically.

If you are still dealing with hard to read handwriting, and/or simply looking for a way to take your existing form mobile, then we invite you try our services. Whether you decide to start with one form, or many, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the final results.

The process for creating an Electronic Form

Electronic Form Design CardiffStep 1: Planning and Creating the Main Artwork

Prior to project commencement, we will use your original paper form(s) to discuss what you would like to keep, add, or omit from the final design. Once a decision has been made, we will use the markup as a guide to create your new interactive Electronic Form.

If you do not have an existing form to begin with, we will use this time to discuss a new form layout that will meet your specific business or personal needs.

Electronic Form Design CardiffStep 2: Design & Transformation

Step 2 is where all the magic happens and the fun begins. During this phase, we will completely build your Electronic Form from the ground up, paying close attention to the slightest details (typography, image resolution, form structure, etc.) to ensure a simple, clean, and uniform look throughout the entire design. Before proceeding to the next step, we will carefully check to make sure all interactive form elements (text / numeric fields, check boxes, buttons, calculations, etc.) function as intended.

Electronic Form Design CardiffStep 3: File Output & Approval

After ensuring your Electronic Form functions properly, we will save your file as a PDF and send it to you for review & approval. Provided no changes are necessary, your form is now ready to use and send to your clients.

To discuss converting your existing paper forms or creating a new electronic form, please contact us on telephone 02920363600 or email us on sales@printingwales.com