Advantages of Leaflet Advertising

Advantages of Leaflet Advertising

So what are the Advantages of Leaflet Advertising, while various modern marketing techniques can deliver healthy returns on investment and a great cost per conversion, leaflet printing,  advertising and distribution is of the so-called ‘old school’ that can bring amazing results.

In a similar manner to how email marketing was written off by many digital analysts, the same happened with leaflet printing & distribution.

However, done well, there are few techniques, online or offline, that are as effective.

Here are four of the biggest advantages you can enjoy by choosing leaflet advertising.

Direct Distribution

Want to know that your target customers are definitely going to see your message?

If that sounds like your biggest worry when it comes to marketing, then you’re not alone.

The great thing with leafleting is you know that your target market has seen your message.

Compare that to some of the other forms of offline advertising available. Newspaper and radio ads, for example, are notorious for their cost, and regardless of circulation and listener numbers, how can you say with any certainty how many potential customers will see or hear your ad?

If you directly distribute 20,000 leaflets, that’s 20,000 households have seen your message.

Cost Effectiveness

We’re not on a mission to put down the merits of newspaper advertising, but as businesses are always looking for the most cost effective means of getting their message out, it’d be wrong not to mention this point.

In fairness, it isn’t just newspaper advertising that isn’t as cost effective as leafleting. Direct mailing is widely cited as generally achieving a greater returns volume, but the price you’ll pay for such a campaign is also much higher.

Leafleting is a more cost effective option than both all things considered.

Greater Responsiveness

Sorry newspaper and radio, but leaflet distribution isn’t just more cost effective and direct than these methods, it produces higher enquiries and revenues, too.

Spend less on your marketing and get more from it. What’s better than that?

Full Control over Where You Target

We could cite newspapers and radios again here, but it would also be worth looking at a variety of other marketing initiatives that might look to use. Even using cost effective methods of online advertising might not help you reach every single person or household you want to, even if it will give you more general exposure than other advertising types.

When you choose leaflet advertising, nothing is left to chance. You’re not reliant on the person across the road buying a newspaper, listening to the radio, checking the Yellow Pages, or doing an online search. You’ve given your business message to the people you want to see it most.

Leaflet distribution gives you full control over where you advertise, making it easier to accurately gauge performance and success.

Is Leaflet Printing & Distribution for You?

Leaflet printing, distribution and advertising campaigns aren’t for everyone, but if you’re business owner managing a company of any size, or even a sole trader, there is compelling evidence to suggest that there are big rewards to be had here.